Friday, November 17, 2017
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Traditional Marketing Still Feels Good

Don’t count out traditional marketing methods just yet. Though there are about 70 million millennials with growing discretionary income, not all of them have ignore sources of traditional marketing. Many people still listen to the radio, watch television, and read newspapers and magazines. Although the general trend is towards Internet based content, a large part of the population still views media from traditional sources. This means that they hear and watch traditional forms of marketing.

two asian women shopping at the traditional market at bangkok, thailand

Sidestep Those “Screen Zombies” With Traditional Marketing Methods


When customers see print, television, or radio advertisements, they engage with the advertising business in a unique way. These advertisements are oftentimes more tangible than digital advertisements which are only seen on computer screens. Picking up a newspaper, magazine or a flier and seeing an advertisement still makes a powerful impact on audiences. This statement will ring even more true if there is a society-wide backlash against screen addiction in the coming years.


Recognize the Gradual Transition to A Blended Advertising Strategy


Although conventional marketing is still relevant and feels good to the person creating it, it is giving way to more modern forms of inbound marketing. Anyone considering a change in their advertising strategy should perform a comprehensive review of their current sales efforts and marketing styles. An honest assessment should be performed to determine if these strategies are working and whether the business would benefit from hiring a professional inbound marketing firm or consultant.


Every business must identify its target demographic and specifically tailor its marketing strategies towards these customers. Yet this type of analysis and execution is easier than it seems. The essential point is that the advertising component of any business operates by trial and error. Different strategies must be floated out like trial balloons and it may take some time to see which one’s float. In the end, a balanced blend of traditional outbound marketing strategies combined with inbound marketing efforts might prove to be the most prudent use of an advertising budget.